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A premium quality pocket spring mattress custom designed just for you.
+500 design options including Latex Memory Foam, Cooling Gel, Helix & HD Comfort Learn more

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Icons highlighting hybrid mattress features including latex, memory foam, pocket springs cooling comfort


A Comfy Mattress Featuring Latex Memory Foam And Pocket Springs That’s Designed To Suit Back Pain

Luxurious Comfort,   Naturally.

We source the finest materials because they're worth investing in. And so is the future of our planet. So we're focused on sourcing not just the ultimate in comfort but ethical, sustainable production and resources too.

Wool Used In the comfort layer of our pillow top mattress


Wool provides the ultimate in comfort & temperature management. It's used in the top layers to add cushioning and its natural moisture wicking properties allow you to keep warm in winter and cool in summer.

Latex Used In the comfort layer of our hybrid pocket spring mattress


Natural latex is sourced directly from the rubber tree to provide natural, breathable top layer of comfort. Quality latex wont break down early so you wont be stuck with dips, ridges and uncomfortable patches.

Eucalyptus Makes Tencel the soft silk like fabric that adds cooling comfort to a mattress


Exceptionally soft ("softer than silk"), highly breathable & sustainably sourced. This fabric is a true wonder. It adds additional softness and compliance to the top layer of your mattress and aids air circulation for a cool, night's sleep.





GECA™ Approved HD Comfort


A Comfy Mattress That's Been Designed To Suit Back Pain

"Couldn't be happier!"
Susanne (Side Sleeper, Hawthorn East)


Get that ideal initial feel with optimised top-layer comfort. We'll select and adjust the fabric, stitch and quilting to suit your body and deliver a design that's guaranteed to suit you + feel amazing.


The layers that come between you and the pocket spring support are know as comfort layers. We'll select and combine premium quality, 10 YEAR WARRANTY materials such as 100% Natural Latex, Helix Comfort™, Memory Foam, Cooling Gels, Enviro Friendly HD Foams  specifically to suit your individual needs. 


There's no guesswork needed with the Goldilocks comfort test. Sleep on you custom made mattress for 100 nights to  make sure you're comfy, well supported and waking rejuvinated. With free same-day design alterations until you're 100% happy AND your money back if you're not, you can't go wrong. 


You'll be fitted with a spring system that suits your body, back and sleeping position. 3 zone, 5 zone, 7 zone, micro-coil?  To learn which pocket spring support system suits your body best (and why) give us a call. 1300 819 938

Memory Foam

SHOULD IT BE IN YOUR DESIGN? Memory foam is excellent for pressure relief and as such is commonly favoured by arthritis sufferers.  The negative of this material is that it can trap heat. So if you're a hot sleeper it's best avoided. But if not, this is one of the most contouring pressure relief materials available. 

Helix Comfort™

SHOULD IT BE IN YOUR DESIGN? Helix Comfort was created for optimum pressure relief without excessive heat build up. It has the boyancy of Latex with the gently conforming pressure relief of Memory foam. Particularly well suited to lighter framed sleepers and anyone seeking to minimise hip and shoulder pressure

100% Natural Latex

SHOULD IT BE IN YOUR DESIGN? When used in the top comfort layers of a mattress Latex adds a highly breathable cushioning that gives an active resistance to your design. It springs back to fill in and add conforming support to the recessed areas of your body. Plus it adds a little bit of bounce to your mattress. 

Side By Side Design

DUAL COMFORT OPTIMISATION  If you share your mattress with someone whose requirements and comfort preferences are very different to yours, we'll individually optimise each side of the mattress so it suits both of you. 
Stu The Mattress For Back Pain Expert Smiling

What's Inside Your Perfect Design?

Hi! I'm Stu, the Tailor who individually designs each Goldilocks Mattress. I'll personally optimise the design of YOUR mattress, based on YOUR unique requirements and comfort preferences. 
To discover what would be in the design optimised for YOUR body, back & sleeping position


How does it work?

We design a mattress specifically to suit you. It's custom crafted here in Melbourne and delivered to you within 14 days. You get 100 nights to sleep on it and make sure you're happy.  If you're not happy, we can improve the comfort of your design with free same day design alterations. Or just give you your money back, whichever you prefer.

Which design
suits me?

This depends on your unique requirements. Most influential are your anthropometrics (individual measurements), your sleeping position and the condition of your back. Call us or take this quick quiz to find out which design is recommended for you (and why)

How do you know what suits me?

We've spent the last 5 years custom designing mattresses exclusively with Physios & Osteos across Melbourne for all types of bodies, back conditions and sleeping positions.  And we've become very good at it. To create your design we just need to ask a few questions about your unique requirements. It only takes 5 mins. Call: 1300 819 938

What about
my partner?

Your mattress is designed and optimised to suit BOTH of you. If necessary we can easily adapt and optimise each side of your design separately. 

How do same-day
design alterations work?

If, after sleeping on it, you feel your mattress needs improvement our Tailor will come to you and adjust your design free of charge. There's over 500 ways we can adjust your mattress and it can be done that day, so you'll be sleeping on your improved design that same night. And if it's still not right, our Tailor will come back again. And keep coming back until you're happy. It's rare that this is needed. But all our Physios agree, you can't be 100% sure a mattress suits you until you've slept on it. This is our way of giving you that opportunity with absolutely not risk of getting it wrong.

What will
my mattress cost?

All +500 design options cost the same,

Double:   $3,749    $2,199  (until 30th Sept)
Queen:  $4,165  $2,499  (until 30th Sept)
King:  $4,999   $2,999  (until 30th Sept)



End the guesswork
& discover which kind of bed suits you

Call: 1300 819 938

to speak directly with our mattress tailor.


or send us an email:

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