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Which Mattress Design Suits You Best?

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Review & compare +500 Australian mattress designs against your unique requirements with a local mattress design expert.

QUESTION : Do You Suffer Back Pain?

Q1. Where Do You Feel Pain?

Q2. What's Causing Your Back Pain?
Muscle or ligament strainBulging or ruptured disksArthritisSkeletal irregularities (Spondylolisthesis, sciatica, scholiosis, spinal stenosisSomething elseNot sure

Please Enter The Cause of Your Back Pain Here...
Q3. What are your symptoms?
Muscle AcheShooting/Stabbing PainsPain that radiates down you legPain Worsens When Being ActivePain Worsens When Being INactive

Q4. What's Your Current Weight & Height?

Q5. Which Position(s) Do You Sleep In?
Side SleeperBack SleeperFront SleeperSide + Back SleeperSide + Front SleeperEvery Position!

Q6. How Firm Do You Like Your Mattress To Feel?
SoftMediumMedium-firmFirmVery Firm

It's That Easy!
That's all our Mattress Tailor needs to recommend a design that's
guaranteed to suit your back + feel amazing


Q102. What's Your Current Weight & Height?

Q105. Which Position(s) Do You Sleep In?
Side SleeperBack SleeperFront SleeperSide + Back SleeperSide + Front SleeperEvery Position!

Q106. How Firm Do You Like Your Mattress To Feel?
SoftMediumMedium-firmFirmVery Firm

It's That Easy!
We'll now review your requirements against +500 mattress design options
And a Design Expert will call you shortly with a recommendation that's
guaranteed to suit your back + feel amazing

Q177. What's The Best Number
For Our Mattress Design Expert to Call?




A Detailed Review Of Which Bed Designs Suit You & Why

What Physios Across Melbourne Have Recommended

For People With Your Kind Of Back Pain, Body Type & Sleeping Position

From A Comparison Of +500 Australian Mattress Designs

√ Plus The Shockingly Simple Trick To Spotting A Bed That Suits YOUR Back

Beds For Back Pain

MATTRESS BUYING TIP #1: Marketing Fluff & Salesmanship Are Your Enemy!

The key to finding a mattress that suits your back isn't wordy descriptions of clouds or lists of the latest features....

All this sales talk just adds to confusion of choosing from such a wide range of designs which all seem to look pretty much the same.

The truth is... We're all unique.  And it's these unique features that determine whether one particular mattress design will feel more comfy or support your body better than another. So the key to finding a mattress...

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The key to finding a mattress is understanding which of your unique requirements suits which features. 

With this approach you'll quickly become better at spotting a design that suits you than any marking brochure or sales assistant can ever be. To learn which features suit your body take the 7 question quiz below & get your free mattress buying guide...


MATTRESS BUYING TIP #2: Spending More Does NOT Get You The Best.
In fact, if cost is how you're assessing mattress quality/suitability, then you're not just risking getting ripped off, but also choosing a bed that's bad for your back.

Stick within your budget and keep focused on the designs and features that best suit your unique requirements. And if you're budget can stretch to more than $3k seriously question the worth of every dollar you're spending above this price. You can get a premium quality design for less than this.  CLICK HERE view some examples of designs under this price that suit your requirements.  


MATTRESS BUYING TIP #3: You're On Your Own...
Mattress recommendations from friends or relatives tend to focus on what suits them. While this gives you a good gaugue of mattress quality, it doesn't tell you anything else (unless they happen to have the exact same weight, height, sleeping position and back condition as you).

So take advice from friends as an indication of a good quality mattress brand, but not and exact mattress design recommendation. For this, you'll need to focus purely on what suits your body.  To learn what's recommended for you take the quick quiz below by CLICKING HERE .

Finding a mattress that suits you
Each of your unique requirements (left) affects the suitability of different design features (right)

"Highly recommended"
Rob (Front & Side Sleeper, Port Melbourne)

Nick (Front & Side Sleeper, Balwyn)

"Couldn't be happier!"
Susanne (Side Sleeper, Hawthorn East)

The Secret The Big Bed Stores Don't Want You To Know...


Now it's not their fault. It's just the way it works. Their business is focused is on selling beds. So that's what they do. They sell. And to maximise sales they reward their sales guys with sales commissions (regardless of whether the bed they're selling suits the person buying it).

And this is where the the problem lies: The person helping you choose a mattress has an objective that's at odds with yours, so....

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While the sales guy is rewarded for a sale, there's no risk for them in having a bit of a guess. But for you, this guesswork offers nothing but risk. The risk of getting stuck with a bed that doesn't suit you. 

So if you're planning on buying a bed from a showroom, and you don't want to be entirely reliant on the sales guys, it'll be handy to know how to spot a design that suits you. And that's what this report is all about. 

Stu The Mattress For Back Pain Expert Smiling

Meet Our Mattress Design Expert

Hi! I'm Stu Campbell, the creator of these free mattress buying reports.

The advice you receive will be tailored specifically to you and the condition of your back, so you’ll discover what to look for (and look out for) while shopping around for a new bed. 

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It's completely free and designed to help you better understand mattresses, so you can make and informed, intelligent decision, instead of relying on guesswork.

Having spent the last 5 years custom crafting mattresses with Physios across Melbourne I've gained exceptional insight into which mattress features and design suit which body types, sleeping positions and back conditions. 

I genuinely love helping people & sharing the mattress design knowledge I've gained. So if you'd prefer to talk in person I invite you to call me directly on my mobile: 0422 971 231

Prefer to Chat?  Call:  1300 819 938

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